Welcome to my Practice

My name is Heather Haley and I am a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) with over 12 years of experience working with adults, children, and families.  My practice is unique in that I use Soul Lightening Acupressure as the structure for each session.  In my experience, the way Soul Lightening Acupressure addresses one’s whole being and focuses on the client’s own inner wisdom to guide the process leads to more rapid and lasting healing than talk therapy alone.  When I receive a Soul Lightening Acupressure session I feel like my whole self is being listened to, attended to, and respected – my body, my mind, and my soul/spirit.

Updated July 27, 2020:

Many of us are feeling ungrounded, unsettled, overwhelmed, and fragmented these days, to name just a few of the emotions flowing through us.  First, all of these feelings are natural reactions to the changes in our world, our routine, our sense of security and normalcy, and our uncertainty about how each day will go and what will happen in the future.

When our systems are in shock like they are now we need some extra help to feel settled again – to feel calm, secure, safe.  Feeling centered and calm helps us access our inner strength, love and compassion, healthy immunity, equanimity and other inner resources.

Now Offering Remote Sessions:

I have been giving remote acupressure sessions since the Shelter in Place order began in March, 2020.  Those receiving the sessions have reported feeling “settled”, “calm”, and like they can finally rest.  Some have been able to permanently clear out some unhealthy old patterns that are arising during this time.  Ongoing clients have remarked that although they miss meeting in person, their sessions continue to be deeply healing and they are able to continue to work through their challenges in a productive way.

When I personally receive remote sessions I often shift from feeling fragmented and frazzled to feeling calm, centered, and confident that I can handle what is in front of me.  I have also connected in with wise guidance from my own soul and the Universe on how to be, where to focus my attention, and what is most important for me to do right now.

What do remote sessions look like?

  • We start by talking on the phone or by video about what is up for you, your challenges, and how you would like to feel.  
  • You then lie down or sit comfortably in your home and I do an acupressure session on you remotely while we remain connected by phone or video.
  • I often use the Seva Stress Relief to calm our nervous systems and promote healing from trauma and stress.  I also have a wonderful protocol to support the immune system as well as over 50 additional protocols to specifically address your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs at the moment.
  • A 50 minute session touches on what is currently coming up for you and includes 20-30 minutes of acupressure.
  • An 80 minute session gives more time to address what is coming up for you now and/or a longer time receiving acupressure as well as an opportunity to clear out the fears, beliefs, or wounds that may be trigged by this stressful time. 

In this era of physically distancing from our loved ones and support systems, feeling connected deeply to ourselves, our inner wisdom, and the greater wisdom of the Universe is more important than ever.

Through working with me using Soul Lightening Acupressure you may:

  • connect deeper with your own inner/soul’s wisdom – you have the information inside of you to guide your own healing and development and I can facilitate that process in a safe space and at your pace.
  • discover and strengthen your true and loving inner voice and help it become louder than your inner critic.
  • heal and move beyond childhood conditioning and patterns of emotional reactions and begin to approach your life from the perspective of your grounded and healthy adult self.
  • address physical symptoms (i.e. headaches, digestive issues, skin disorders, chronic pain) that you suspect may be connected to emotional patterns and reactions.  Your body may be holding important information that you can use as a guide for your healing.

Please explore my website for further information about me and my training, about Soul Lightening Acupressure, about my session types and pricing, and what people have to say about my work.